What should be considered when you purchase a coffee roaster?

What are the factors that affect your purchase of a coffee roaster? By introducing our products, I have listed some points that customers often consider when purchasing our coffee roasters.


First of all, customers will consider how much they can afford to buy a roaster. When calculating your budget, in addition to the cost of the machine, including the cost of necessities such as chimney ductwork, pollution control equipment, initial green coffee inventory, QC equipment, a laptop to record roast data, and various supplies. The budget also includes the cost of architectural drawings for installation, permitting, and permitting processes. So, if you want to know the price of our coffee roaster, please feel free to contact us. The specific quotation will be sent to you.



In addition to the budget, customers will also consider choosing the appropriate machine size. I recommend purchasing a machine large enough to roast that amount of coffee in no more than 25 hours. Because the actual capacity of the machine may be less than its nominal capacity, coffee beans lose 14%–20% of their weight during roasting. A machine’s burner capacity — not its drum size — determines how much coffee it can roast. For our coffee roaster, we have models ranging from 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, and up to 300kg for you to choose from.


We have 24 years of machinery production experience, and 20 years specifically in coffee roasters designing and manufacturing. We provide OEM service for some EU brands and exported our own brands to many different countries. Our company has obtained ISO90001, CE, SGS, and UL certifications. All of our products meet the certificates of CE and RoHS.


We are committed to providing professional services to our customers. Once the machine is finished, we will take photos and testing videos for our clients, also you they can check it through an online video call by then. All machines are packed in sturdy and strong wooden cases, nailed and secured by overall nylon strapping; or packed as per customers’ special requests. In addition, we also provide professional online technical services, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. The warranty is 1 year limited and also can be extended to 2~3 years with added cost.


Our PKF-20KG Coffee Roaster uses PID or PLC Control Panel. You can depend on your needs to choose it. Machines with smart touchscreens are more responsive, can replicate curves more easily, and will be a joy to operate.


  1. 316 double drum and Taiwan cast iron burner. The burner output determines a machine’s true capacity. Double drums allow for faster and hotter roasting with less risk of tipping or scorching.
  2. ADDKA stepless speed regulating motors.
  3. Air manometer (aka drum-pressure manometer): having an air-pressure manometer helps one know how to adjust the fan to provide consistent airflow for every batch.
  4. High-resolution gas manometer.
20kg coffee-roaster-with-PLC-Control-Panel
20kg coffee-roaster-with-PLC-Control-Panel

Paying for a machine: By TT, 30% prepayment, the balance should be paid before delivery.

If you want to learn more information, please feel free to contact us. Email: zzprecision@outlook.com 

Showing one of our coffee roasters videos for your reference: https://youtu.be/W0fvBqbH1As

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