What are the limitations of roasting at home?

Today we will talk about the limitations of roasting beans for those who are roasting at home.

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Generally speaking, most of the utensils used in home roasting are pans and other kitchen utensils, and ordinary household pans cannot heat the pan to 200 degrees. It is necessary to shake and turn the green beans constantly in order to achieve an even temperature. Even so, the color difference of the coffee beans is still unavoidable.

Besides, the roasted beans do not have a lid in the pan, so the temperature cannot be concentrated, and the beans are difficult to be roasted. Even if there is a lid to cover the pot, the smoke generated during roasting will be stuffy in the pot, the beans will have a smoky taste, and the coffee will be bitter.

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Speaking of uncooked roasting, in some less particular production areas in Indonesia, they will roast coffee beans using a local method of steelmaking, because they also know that it is difficult to fry raw coffee beans with a pot, so they roast coffee beans in a pan. The green beans are steamed first and then fried. After these procedures, the roasted coffee beans will be less likely to be undercooked. As for the flavor of the coffee~ don’t worry too much!

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Let’s talk about beans. For those who buy machines to roast at home, many of the green beans they buy are very old beans.

The storage place and storage method of raw beans affects the quality of raw beans, not to mention that after a long period of storage if the storage is improper, mold and bacteria will inevitably not occur! A person who doesn’t know whether beans are fresh is simply making fun of his own stomach and healh.

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The hidden worry of coffee beans is the occurrence of ocher koji poison. No one can guarantee that the green beans of the current season will not enter the ones that have already produced ocher koji poison, let alone the green beans that have turned yellow and black! It’s one thing to spend money to buy something expensive. If the original intention of maintaining your health or enjoying a cup of coffee ends up hurting your body and endangering your health, then the gain outweighs the gain.

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