The third wave of coffee

Let’s examine the most significant changes that occurred during the third coffee wave. The term “Waves of Coffee” refers to many epochs that represent the growth of coffee consumption. There are a total of 5 waves that may be characterized, each with unique characteristic features.

We are gradually edging closer to the current period with the third wave of coffee. The third wave of coffee started around the middle of the 2000s. One of the advantages was that at this time, the art of coffee roasting was truly discovered and appreciated. Moving away from recognizable coffee chains, micro-roasting and the understanding of coffee’s culinary side have become popular.

Third wave of coffee

As time went on, an increasing number of micro roasting businesses started to appear. These businesses sought complete control over the coffee production process, from procuring green beans to roasting to final coffee brewing. Although they did it with the knowledge and information that were not available at the time, they returned to the manual coffee roasting method’s origins.


Transparency received more attention as well. The ‘average’ consumer’s knowledge of coffee is growing, and the salesperson must stay up. Where is the source of my coffee? Was the price paid by the coffee farmer fair? Do I have single-origin coffee or a blend that includes subpar Robusta beans? All of these are new inquiries that a consumer has now requested responses to.

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