The second wave of coffee

We will go into greater detail about the most significant changes that occurred during the second wave of coffee in this essay. The term “Waves of Coffee” refers to many epochs that represent the growth of coffee consumption. There are a total of 5 waves that may be characterized, each with unique characteristic features.

Second wave of coffee – Coffee as a lifestyle / to enjoy

The second wave of coffee started at the start of the 1990s. During this time, coffee evolved into a lifestyle item. Consider the expansion of companies like Starbucks, the appearance of coffee shops in television shows, and the general increase in the enjoyment of high-quality coffee. Coffee has changed from being a stimulant to being a beverage enjoyed for its own sake.

During this time, a significant step was accomplished, particularly in the field of quality. The pioneers of this movement are places like Seattle, where Starbucks launched its first location. The overall demand for beverages made with espresso increased. The coffee shop was referred to as “the third place,” or the location where you spend the majority of your time after home (place 1) and work (place 2).

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