The first wave of coffee

The term “Waves of Coffee” refers to many epochs that represent the growth of coffee consumption. There are a total of 5 waves that may be characterized, each with unique characteristic features. We will go into greater detail about the variations and significant advancements that occurred during the first wave of coffee in this post.

First wave of coffee – Drinking coffee out of habit / to refuel

The twentieth century saw the introduction of coffee. During this time, coffee evolved into a beverage that was enjoyed in every home and eventually became a staple. Coffee underwent a transformation that made it appropriate for mass consumption as a commodity.

However, coffee preparation at the time was not as meticulous as it is now. Instant coffee was frequently used and was typically made in large quantities. Despite the large number, the quality was poor.

Coffee was a useful beverage that would keep you warm and awake. The initial wave of coffee did not place much emphasis on the pure flavors that can be extracted from coffee.

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