The Benefits of Coffee Shops Roasting Their Own Coffee

Many specialty coffee businesses are considering moving further and starting their own coffee roasting operations. These stores typically want to highlight both the completed product and their own line of specialty beans. Or they are artisan coffee shops with their own 1kg coffee roaster that want to start selling their own specialty coffee beans. From a coffee shop to a cafe-roastery, how do they transition?

The Pros and Cons First The following are the advantages and disadvantages of changing to a cafe-roastery:

The benefits

Product freshness and quality are ensured.
Reduces costs by buying unroasted coffee beans instead of roasted beans
sales of coffee beans to both direct and wholesale customers will help to diversify the revenue stream.
keeps clients intrigued and curious about learning more
gives the menu and packaging more personality to enhance the overall aesthetic
An opportunity to expand brand awareness
The drawbacks

The roaster requires a large room, a dedicated team for roasting, and a hefty initial cost to buy and install it.
It’s time to move forward if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Next, The Transition
Below are some tips on how to incorporate a roaster in your coffee shop.

  1. Prepare the space
    You need to carefully calculate your space, not only for the roaster machine itself but also for sufficient storage space for both green coffee beans and roasted beans, labels and packaging, emergency fire extinguisher, staff room, etc. You also need to create a layout that showcases the roaster machine to attract customers. If you are looking for an industrial coffee roaster machine that can handle large batches of beans, you might need to allocate more space for it. 
  2. Choose the right roaster
    Do a rough calculation on your target sales each month, how much time you can spend roasting, and also how much space is available for storing green and roasted beans. Based on this calculation, you can decide the capacity of the coffee roasting machine that you need. Berto coffee roaster comes in various sizes and types to suit your needs. Whether you need a 12kg coffee roaster or a 1kg coffee roaster for sale, Berto has it all. In our previous post, we gave useful tips on things to consider when selecting the best coffee roasters.
  3. Set up installation for pipes and electricity connection
    You need to prepare the power lines, exhaust piping, and exhaust filters if applicable. It is a good idea to consult with the roaster manufacturer and an experienced electrician to get the best result. Some roasters, such as commercial drum coffee roasters, might require more power and ventilation than others, so make sure you have the proper setup for them.
  4. Master your roaster
    After the roasting machine is installed and ready, learn as much as you can about your machine in order to get optimum results. Keep a roasting log, and experiment with different settings until you get the quality that you want. Use your senses (hearing, smelling, watching) during the roasting process and test the roasted beans often to ensure consistent quality. You can also compare the results of different roasters, such as a 12kg coffee roaster versus a 1kg coffee roaster, to see which one suits your preferences better. 
  5. Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance
    Good maintenance is the key to good roaster performance. Berto roaster machines virtually need no maintenance aside from the usual grease and duster, but it is a good habit to do regular checkups to ensure the machine is working properly. Look out for irregularities and do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer if you are not sure what to do. Some roasters, such as commercial drum coffee roasters, might need more frequent cleaning than others, so follow the instructions carefully. 
  6. Use your roaster for education and marketing
    Take advantage of your roasting machine to attract customers by hosting regular cupping sessions and basic coffee workshops. Introduce your customers to the complexities of your specialty coffee, to educate them as well as to increase brand loyalty. You might also want to consider handing out free coffee bean samples to your customers and the surrounding areas. You can also showcase your roaster machine, such as an industrial coffee roaster machine, to impress your customers and demonstrate your expertise.

Incorporating a coffee roaster machine to a coffee shop can be a huge step and requires a significant investment in terms of time, cost, and training. However, it also enables you to launch your own brand, engage with your customers more and earn their loyalty, increase your revenue as well as market presence. Are you ready for your next step?

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