small coffee roaster

Wet Hulling

Wet hulling is a unique coffee processing method in Indonesia. It is called Giling Basah in Indonesian and Wet Hulling in English. The wet hulling method in Indonesia is a processing method that came into being according to the unique local conditions. The more common coffee beans processed by the wet hulling method are mandheling (mandheling is produced in Sumatra, Indonesia).

PRECISION Coffee: The Small Batch Coffee Roaster Machine

Small batch coffee roaster machines function with a variety of advantages that set them apart from commercial ones. For small batch coffee roasters, the specifications, target market, and even the processing methods are different. Is this the ideal machine to begin your coffee roasting career? Why did certain speciality coffee roasters decide to purchase small batch coffee roasting equipment?

PKF-1kg coffee roaster machine to US

The small PKF-1kg coffee roaster is very good for home or cafe using. The one ordered by our US client is a electric heating type. It is equipped with temperature data logger which allows client to monitor and record the temperature change on PC.

The motors of the PKF-1kg Precision coffee roaster is ADDKA brank in Japan, as well as the NSK bearings.

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