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The fourth wave of coffee

Let’s examine the most significant changes that occurred during the fourth coffee wave. The term “Waves of Coffee” refers to many epochs that represent the growth of coffee consumption. There are a total of 5 waves that may be characterized, each with unique characteristic features.


How to Use the Rise of Rate, Bean Temperature, and Other Common Roast Data

To collect a lot of roasting data, we only need some temperature probes and a stopwatch; of course, we can also use roasting programs that perform advanced calculations in real time, such as Cropster software.

So, how can the collected roasting data be used in our roasting plan? Now, let’s take a look at the different types of roasting data that can be collected and how to analyze and use them:

8oz home Gene coffee roaster hot air type (600USD)

8oz home Gene coffee roaster hot air type (Contact us for purchasing) Gene coffee roaster is the best choice for home use model. The output of it is 8oz(around 250g) per batch. If you’re quite serious about roasting at home, the Gene cafe Roaster provides a professional-quality experience. In addition, this roaster is adequate for smaller …

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coffee roaster machine OEM factory in China

coffee roaster machine OEM factory in China We are a professional coffee roaster machine OEM factory in China. We produce various types of coffee roasters, including electric coffee roasters and gas coffee roasters. Our coffee roasters range from 500g to 60kg, suitable for both home and shop use. With our Artisan software, you can record the temperature curve while roasting and achieve the …

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Smart cocoa roaster machine/cocoa bean roasting

Smart cocoa roaster machine/cocoa bean roaster For cocoa roaster machine and coffee roaster machine, is there any difference for them? Many customers asked this questions. Although the process of roasting cocoa and coffee is entirely different on a chemical level, both roasting processes have similaritie. 1. Heat is being transferred to the bean. 2. Steady …

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6kg coffee roatser for sale

6kg commercial coffee roaster machine is good for cafe or roasting factory using. The actual output of 6kg coffee roaster for sale is 6-7kg/batch. There are electric heating and gas heating type for choosinig.

The whole machine adopts lasercutting technology . Using welding process to fix the whole frame . It’s more solid and stable than using ordinary screw to fix , and not easy to loose parts or structure deformation .

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