cocoa roaster machine

Smart cocoa roaster machine/cocoa bean roasting

Smart cocoa roaster machine/cocoa bean roaster

For cocoa roaster machine and coffee roaster machine, is there any difference for them? Many customers asked this questions.

Although the process of roasting cocoa and coffee is entirely different on a chemical level, both roasting processes have similaritie.

1. Heat is being transferred to the bean.

2. Steady airflow through the drum is required.

3. Cooling is necessary.

This makes coffee roasting machines a perfect match. It goes without saying that all our machines have been tested with cocoa and are carefully designed to meet the requirements of artisanal roasters.

In general, cocoa is roasted at about half the temperature (100-120 degrees Celsius) and for about twice the time (25-35 minutes). It is more gentle process. The cocoa bean is very brittle and it is important to produce as little broken beans as possible to make further processing efficient and delicate. For our roaster machines, the drum roasting speed and heating temperature are all adjustable.

As a rule of thumb, the roasting capacity of cocoa beans per drum is about 10-20% higher than that of coffee.  This means that when you select your cocoa roaster machine, you can add up to 10-20% to the capacity indicated. The reason being the lower temperature and overall roasting style.

We hope that our work will be beneficial to the cocoa industry. Origin countries that produce coffee often also produce cocoa. Usually the industries are entirely separated from one another and do not interact much. More upstream in the market however, cocoa and coffee share the same level of indulgence, an experience of the senses we as consumers don’t want to miss and that goes so well together. A cup of coffee with a piece of chocolate is just too much of a pleasure to miss out on in life!

It is our interest to better integrate the techniques of roasting cocoa. If you are interested in our cocoa roaster machine,  please contact us here.

cocoa roaster machine


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