small coffee
bean grinder


Product Description

  • [High efficiency, ultra-quiet]: The coffee grinder is equipped with a powerful and efficient motor and a quiet design, which can grind a large amount of coffee beans in a very short time, and make fresh coffee that meets your needs with the smallest grinding noise.
  • [Innovative Technology]: The high-power motor and stainless steel blade of the automatic coffee grinder can work well together to achieve fast and efficient grinding.
  • [Versatility]: 3-in-1 grinder for coffee, spices and dried herbs. Effortlessly grind tough spices like whole coffee beans, whole peppercorns and dried herbs for delicious meals.
  • [Large capacity and safety]: This grinder has a super large capacity, which can hold up to 15 cups of freshly ground coffee. At the same time, most of the interfaces are snap-in design, which is safe and reliable.
  • [Clean and Neat]: All parts of the grinder can be disassembled for cleaning, while the grinding bowl can be sealed, perfect for storing freshly ground coffee, dried herbs or spices.

Main specification of small coffee bean grinder:

Electric Coffee grinder
Power100W, 220/110V, 50HZ
Size of crushed powder adjustable
Bean storing bin volume 350g

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