Small Batch 1KG Coffee Roaster with Factory Price for Sale

The Precision 1kg coffee roaster is the top small-batch drum roaster for the specialty coffee market because it is effective and expertly built. The 1 kg coffee roaster can roast beans back-to-back all day long; it’s a real workhorse. Ideal for a dedicated hobby roaster or a small retail coffee roasting business.


Precision 1KG Coffee Roaster Features:

ROASTER TYPE: Professional, gas, or electric

CAPACITY: 200-1500g/batch  ~6kg/h 

HEAT SOURCE: Complete Electric/LPG gas(propane)/Natural Gas

CONTROL: This coffee roaster machine is designed to have all the manual controls that larger-capacity commercial coffee roaster machines would offer.  The 1kg coffee roaster features a variable speed drum as well as stepless control of airflow and heat.  An airflow meter (optional) on all Precision coffee roasters gives precision readings of air pressure in the system.

ROAST TRACKING/CONNECTIVITY: Track/profile roasts with Artisan or Cropster–connected by USB/Bluetooth.

COOLING: The cooling fan is separate for powerful and quick cooling. The separate cooling fan also allows for the roasting airflow and environment to maintain stability from roast to roast, allowing for consistency on heavy production days.

WARRANTY: Industry-standard warranty covers parts for 1 year.



WEIGHT: Net weight: 110kg   Gross weight: 155kg

ELECTRICAL: AC 220-240V 50-60HZ 4kw/hour (electric type) 0.13kg/hour (gas type)

Machine Dimension: 1067*700* 870 mm (W*D*H)

SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: 1040*860*960 mm (W*D*H)

DRUM: Variable Speed, Stainless Steel, Solid Drum, with 60w motor,

COOLING TRAY: 50w motor,

EXHAUST FAN: 50w motor

SHIPPING OR PICKUP: We ship globally. To the USA market, we also have a DDP delivery service by the ocean, which will be including all fees and import duties.

A short video about our 1kg coffee roaster for your reference.

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