Hopefully you don’t know what scorching implies, although many roasters may eventually encounter it. We will fill you in on every detail regarding this problem.

When roasting coffee, a few things could go wrong. These include one burning item. This flaw is visible to the naked eye, and if you make coffee with them, you will undoubtedly taste it. We’ll explain exactly what this means and how you may avoid it.

The meaning of scorching 

The majority of the time, scorching is caused by an overheated drum. The beans come into contact with a surface that is too hot. Lowering the coffee roaster’s charge temperature will stop this. The drum’s pace being too slow can also be a problem. The drum can be accelerated as another option.

How to recognize a scorch bean 

It is not difficult to identify burning. The roasted coffee bean has one side that is scorched and appears darker than the other sides. The flat side burns the majority of the time. You can taste something even though you can’t see it. The coffee has a burned, acrid, and smoky flavor. Not what you want in your coffee, unfortunately.

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