Roast types: French roast

There are numerous varieties of roasts. The French roast, also referred to as the Turkish roast, is one of them. You’ve undoubtedly heard of a popular variety before. Let’s examine these dark beans and their characteristics.

The meaning of French roast

Some individuals believe that the term “French roast” refers to the type of bean that is utilized. This, however, is untrue. The name solely describes the beans’ color and degree of roasting. On an Agtron color scale, the bean normally ranges from 28 to 35 points and is quite darkly roasted. In addition, the beans are heated up quite quickly during the roasting process. To achieve this level of roasting, you need a small coffee roaster machine that can reach high temperatures and has a good airflow. A 5kg coffee roaster for sale might be too large and expensive for home use, unless you plan to roast a lot of beans at once.


Most Europeans preferred their coffee dark in the 19th century. Despite the fact that everyone enjoyed darkly roasted beans, the French were given their name after one of the darkest roasts. This roast is unrelated to France other than by name. The phrase is now most frequently used to describe virtually any dark-roasted coffee. However, not all dark roasts are the same. Depending on the origin, quality, and processing of the beans, as well as the coffee roaster price and settings, you can get different flavors and aromas from a French roast.


The dark-brown hue and greasy surface of a French roast make it simple to identify. These beans have a deliciously deep flavor. Most people think of it as being quite bitter and smoky-sweet. Some individuals prefer the term “burnt,” nonetheless. Consequently, this roast occasionally sparks debate. If you are not a fan of the French roast, you can try other roasts that are lighter and more complex. You can also use your small coffee roaster machine for other purposes, such as roasting peanuts, nuts, or seeds. You can find many peanut roaster for sale online or in local stores, but why not use the same device for both coffee and snacks? You can also experiment with different roasting profiles and techniques to find your favorite one. There are many coffee roasters for home use that are easy to operate and maintain, and can give you great results.

Yirgacheffe coffee beans

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