Coffee Roast types: City roast

There are numerous terms you can use to describe your roasting style. Consider phrases like French roast, Italian roast, and City roast in addition to the categories light, medium, and dark roast. We talk about that last term in this article.


One of the most popular roasts is a city roast. It serves as a synonym for medium roast coffee beans. With this roast, the initial crack is entirely completed, resulting in fully grown beans with a variety of aromas and characteristics. The beans are a medium brown color. To achieve this roast, you need a coffee roaster machine that can control the temperature and time of the roasting process. You can buy coffee roaster machine online or in local stores, depending on your preference and budget. The coffee roaster price may vary depending on the brand, model, and features of the machine.

City roast vs Full city roast

We are familiar with both the city roast and the whole city roast. These beans have a slightly darker roast. They are roasted dry and have a dark brown color. The beans don’t start roasting until the second crack, after the first crack. The whole city roast is often referred to as light French and light espresso. If you want to try this roast, you can look for a coffee roaster for sale that has a 1kg coffee roaster machine capacity or more. This way, you can roast enough beans for your espresso or other coffee drinks. You can also use a coffee roaster and grinder combo, or a coffee roasting and grinding machine, to save time and space. These machines can roast and grind the beans in one device, giving you fresh and flavorful coffee every time.

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