People view Quakers as defective. Although you can’t see this flaw until the roasting process begins. You won’t see the light, unroasted beans until they have been roasted. We will explain it all to you in this article.

Quakers aren’t technically roast flaws because they have more to do with the bean itself than the roast. However, because you frequently only see it after roasting, most people refer to it as a flaw.

What does quakers mean?

After roasting, you may identify Quakers by their pale, underripe beans. The underdeveloped quakers appear lighter in color than the right-developed beans, which are typically brown in hue.

The cost

Underdeveloped beans lack the chemical elements necessary for the Maillard process, which causes browning in the roaster. For instance, they have less sugar. Some claim that, as contrast to beans that are washed, this flaw frequently affects the natural or dry process.


It’s preferable to remove any quakers you find in your newly roasted batch. Because these beans offer a lot of richness to coffee when you brew it with them. The flavor in the cup will be papery and dry.

Washed Processing Method
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