pkf series- 30KG
coffee roaster

30kg industrial coffee roaster

Product Description

The PKF-30KG is one of the great coffee roasters in the market, designed for commercial and industrial use. It can roast from 4 to 32kg of green beans per batch, with a roasting time of 12 to 15 minutes.

It is powered by LPG gas or natural gas, and has a temperature range of 0 to 300°C. The cooling time is only 1 to 2 minutes, thanks to the powerful cooling tray fan and mixer.It has a one-year limited warranty, which can be extended to 2 or 3 years with an added cost.

The PKF-30KG is an automatic coffee roaster, which means you can set the desired roasting profile and let the machine do the rest.If you are looking for a high-quality, reliable, and efficient coffee roaster, the PKF-30KG is the best commercial coffee roaster for you. It is also a coffee roaster machine for sale, so you can order it online or contact us for more details.

Main features

  • The coffee roaster can have Electric controls for airflow, drum speed, and heat to maximize the coffee taste.
  • The coffee roaster utilizes a Taiwan cast iron burner for effective heating and fuel savings.
  • The coffee machine roaster uses a SUS316 Stainless Steel Double-walled drum to ensure even heating of the inner and outer drums.
  • The coffee roaster machine is available with PID Control Panel or Automatic PLC Control Panel for user preference.
  • The coffee bean roaster machine is equipped with 30mm insulation material, ceramic fiber for heat resistance, and minimal heat loss.
  • The coffee roaster machine includes 4 independent ADDKA motors for drum, exhaust, cooling mixer, and cooling fan, allowing for roasting and cooling simultaneously.
  • The coffee roaster machine offers drum speed control for roasting different flavors of coffee beans by adjusting the speed.
  • The coffee roaster incorporates an OMRON temperature controlling system with a temperature scope of 0-300℃/572℉.
  • The coffee roaster provides an airflow gauge as an optional feature, offering precision readings of air pressure.
  • Suitable for use with Artisan and Cropster, enabling the reading of Environmental temperature (ET), bean temperature (BT), exhaust/maximum environmental temperature (MET), and air-in temperature (air entering the drum from the burner).
  • The coffee roaster is designed for easy maintenance to ensure longevity and reliability.
  • Allows for logo and color customization to suit individual preferences.

Auxiliary parts included

  • Temperature data logger software. (You can connect the roaster machine to your computer for recording and monitoring the temperature curve)
  • Cyclone with fan. (For collecting the coffee bean skin after roasting and dust)
  • Blast flexible pipe. (For connecting the roaster machine and cyclone)
  • Powerful cooling tray. (For cooling the coffee beans in 1-2minutes)

Main Specifications of PKF-30kg coffee roaster machine:

Basic ParametersBatch Capacity4-32kg/ batch(128kg/h)
Roasting Time12-15 minutes/drum(after preheating at 180℃)
Heating TypeLPG gas(propane)/Natural Gas
Power Type220V -240V 50-60HZ
Temperature Range0-300℃ adjustable
Drum ConstructionHeat-resistant double layer 316 food grade stainless steel
Cooling Time1-2 minutes
Gas Consumption2kg/hour
PowerDrum Motor750W
Exhaust Fan750W
Cooling Tray Fan Motor1500W
Cooling Mixing Motor200W
Machine Size2100*1900*1000 mm
Cooling Stirring Plate Size1100*990*1100 mm
Chaff Cyclone Size1850*750*720 mm
WeightNet weight: 1080kg Gross weight: 1320kg
Installation Dimension2100*1000*1950 mm (W*D*H)
Body ColorRed/Black/White/Blue/Green/Customize
Drum Housing ColorStainless steel/Gold/Rose gold/Copper/Customize
PackageFilm plastic&wooden case
Warranty1 year limited(can be extended to 2~3 years with added cost)

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