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1kg coffee roaster for sale

Product Description

The PKF- 1KG coffee roaster is a versatile and reliable coffee bean roaster that can handle batches from 200g to 1500g, with a maximum output of 6kg per hour. It is suitable for both home coffee roaster and commercial coffee roaster applications.This coffee roaster is available in both electric and gas models.

Main features

  • The coffee roaster machine is available with PID Control Panel or Automatic PLC Control Panel for user preference.
  • The coffee roaster uses a SUS316 Stainless Steel Double-walled drum to ensure even heating of the inner and outer drums.
  • Equipped with 30mm insulation material, ceramic fiber for heat resistance, and minimal heat loss.
  • Utilizes a Taiwan cast iron burner for effective heating and fuel savings.
  • The coffee roaster includes 4 independent ADDKA motors for drum, exhaust, cooling mixer, and cooling fan, allowing for roasting and cooling simultaneously.
  • The coffee roaster machine offers drum speed control for roasting different flavors of coffee beans by adjusting the speed.
  • Incorporates an OMRON temperature controlling system with a temperature scope of 0-300℃/572℉.
  • Electric controls for airflow, drum speed, and heat to maximize the coffee taste.
  • The coffee bean roaster machine provides an airflow gauge as an optional feature, offering precision readings of air pressure.
  • Suitable for use with Artisan and Cropster, enabling the reading of Environmental temperature (ET), bean temperature (BT), exhaust/maximum environmental temperature (MET), and air-in temperature (air entering the drum from the burner).
  • The coffee roaster is designed for easy maintenance to ensure longevity and reliability.
  • Allows for logo and color customization to suit individual preferences.

Auxiliary parts included

  • Temperature data logger software. (You can connect the roaster machine to your computer for recording and monitoring the temperature curve)
  • Cyclone with fan. (For collecting the coffee bean skin after roasting and dust)
  • Blast flexible pipe. (For connecting the roaster machine and cyclone)
  • Powerful cooling tray. (For cooling the coffee beans in 1-2minutes)

PKF-1KG Gas Type and Electric Type

1kg Gas coffee roaster

Gas Burner Type

1kg Platinum Color Electric Coffee Roaster

Electric Heater Type

Main Specifications of PKF-1kg coffee roaster

Basic ParametersBatch Capacity200-1500g/ batch(6kg/h)
Roasting Time12-15 minutes/drum(after preheating at 180℃)
Heating TypeComplete Electric/LPG gas(propane)/Natural Gas
Power TypeAC 220-240V 50-60HZ
Temperature Range0-300℃ adjustable
Drum ConstructionHeat-resistant double layer 316 food grade stainless steel
Cooling Time1-2 minutes
Gas Consumption0.13kg/hour (gas type)
Electricity Consumption4kw/hour (electric type)
PowerDrum Motor 60W / Exhaust Fan 50W / Cooling Tray Fan Motor 50W/ Cooling Mixing Motor 15W
WeightNet weight: 110kg Gross weight: 155kg
Machine Dimension (W*D*H)1067*700* 870 mm
Body ColorRed/Black/White/Blue/Green/Customize
Drum Housing ColorStainless steel/Gold/Rose gold/Copper/Customize
PackageFilm plastic&wooden case
Packing Size(W*D*H)1040*860*960 mm
Warranty1 year limited(can be extended to 2~3 years with added cost)

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