Manufacturer Supply 30KG Coffee Roaster with Factory Price for Sale

Today let’s briefly introduce our 30KG coffee roaster.

The 30kg coffee bean roaster is a hot-selling product among small and medium-sized commercial coffee roasters. Its roasting batch capacity is between 4-32kg/batch, about 128kg/h, and the roasting time range is about 12-15 minutes, which is very flexible.

30KG coffee-roaster-with-PLC-Control-Panel

In addition, the 30kg roaster machine can also be equipped with other equipment, such as feeding machine, de-stoner, smoke filter, grinder, etc., which can complete feeding, roasting, smoke removal, stone removal, grinding and other operations with one button.

destoner machine
destoner machine

This is a short testing video about our destoner machine:

Destonner is a good partner for the coffee roaster. It can help to remove the stones, metal, or other impurities in the coffee beans. The stone metal detection rate is 99%.

The 30kg coffee roaster also has the following advantages:
1. ADDKA stepless speed regulating motors.4 independent ADDKA motors for drum, exhaust, cooling mixer, and cooling fan.
2. Double-layer drum heats quickly and evenly. The double-layer drum conducts heat best. It is heated from the outside layer. The heat from the outside layer to the space which is between the first layer and the second layer, then passes the heat to the second layer by the hot air. This design can completely eradicate to radiate heat into the second layer directly, avoid causing the black point on the roasted beans’ surface, and make roasting beans heated to expand fully.

3. Customizable PLC touchscreen control.
4. Bluetooth-connected computer roasting software to achieve smart roasting.
5. color and logo customization. What’s your favorite color? Tell us! We can customize your favorite to your needs.

Finally, showing you our coffee roaster with PLC Touch Screen Control Panel photos and videos for your reference.


If you want to learn more about the 30kg coffee bean roaster information(price, specification…)Please feel free to get in touch with us. We are one of the best coffee roasters manufacturers in China, and we can provide you with high-quality roaster machines for your home coffee roaster or commercial coffee roaster needs.

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