Learn to adjust the speed to roast beans well

1. “Hot air” and “speed”

Get the most out of your coffee roaster machine

The advantage of using hot air to transfer heat to coffee roasters coffee beans is that the roasted beans are very sweet, clean, evenly heated, and roasted consistently, and have a relatively outstanding roasting performance.

However, the single hot air roasting method will not develop completely due to the rapid temperature rise, and there will be a phenomenon of sandwiching. If we use simple “direct fire roasting”, the roasting will be uneven due to problems such as the size of the firepower, and even the surface of the burnt beans will have a burnt bitter taste.

So there is the “half direct fire and half hot air” roasting method that is commonly used now, which has both the advantages and disadvantages of the above two, and it is a test of the barista’s comprehensive skills.

If you want to take advantage of the “semi-direct fire, half-hot air” coffee machine roaster, you must have a core technology – “rotational speed adjustment”, and the application of the inner pot, so that the beans are not disturbed by the central axis, and achieve the best roasting speed at the beginning of the design. Ideal movement track.

For the “semi-direct fire and half-hot air” coffee roaster machine, the higher the speed of the hot air, the closer the roasting method is to hot air, and on the contrary, the direct fire roasting method is preferred at low speed.

By mastering the advantages of both, the roasted beans have a rich and full taste and a high body. Our coffee roasters use 4 independent ADDKA motors for the drum, exhaust, cooling mixer, and cooling fan. Support high efficiency & infinitely variable drum speed regulation to make more long life & lowest noise.


2. “Inner Pot” and “Stirring Blade”

more research and development effort

► Distinctive inner pot heat transfer

Because the heat transfer efficiency of the inner pot is lower than that of hot air, using it well can increase the complexity of the coffee roasters coffee flavor. Once the inner pot can’t conduct heat evenly, it will burn the surface of the coffee bean roaster machine beans and cause uneven roasting.

In order to solve this problem, PRECISION made a ceramic layer for the inner pot and made a double-layer inner pot to enhance heat transfer and avoid the above problems, and the heat blocked by the ceramic layer will be introduced into the air.

Here is one of our coffee roaster testing videos. Thanks for watching. https://youtu.be/zGltjPIIhI0

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