Home Electric/Gas Heating Type 2kg Coffee Roaster for Selling

PKF-2KG Coffee Roasters are specially designed for homes or small and medium-sized coffee shops.

Integrated Artisan software can pre-set profiles for beans and let you track the real-time roasting, including temperatures, bean color changing, fan speed, stirrer, and ejection door. Elegant looking, easy to operate. No need for handmade notes anymore. For the second roast, you can just simply follow the previous profile guides.

Home coffee roaster
Home coffee roaster

General Features:

Total Control

Variable drum and fan speeds. Powerful dedicated cooling fan.

Double-layer Drum

316 stainless steel double drums design ensures perfect heat transfer for homogeneous roasting.

Industrial Quality Control

Solid plate and all stainless steel construction for drum and machine body to ensure greater resistance and durability.

USB & Bluetooth Data Logging

State-of-the-art real-time roast data and logging via free Artisan software for both Windows & Mac.

Warranty and Technical Support

Phone & Online Tech Support and a one-year warranty.

The Highest Quality Materials and Parts

1) All beans contacting surfaces are made of 316 stainless steel.

2) Double-walled drum for better heating control giving more even roasting.

3) Four powerful independent, famous Japanese brand ADDKA, motors allow simultaneous roasting and cooling and offer an accurate speed control system.

4) NSK bearings keep the drum spacing at 2mm for 360 ° even heating.

5) World famous OMRON temperature control panel with dual thermocouple detectors from Germany and LED colorful stainless steel buttons for a service life of up to 50000 uses.

Eco-friendly Coffee Roasters

1) Taiwan-manufactured burner to make sure it is 360 degrees even roast. Super energy saving,

2) Roast sustainable and reduce emissions with our electric-type roasters.

3) 30mm insulation material, ceramic fiber for heat resistance with minimal heat loss.

Carefree Roasting

Pre-installed data logger module inside roasters, compatible with most types of software, e.g. Artisan is a free-to-use, open-source roast data logging software with a large number of features and supports a wide range of devices. all data relevant to roasting is saved, allowing it to be accessed and analyzed at any time.

Environment temperature, environmental change rate, bean temperature and rate of rise readings
Environment temperature, environmental change rate, bean temperature and rate of rise readings

PKF-2KG Coffee Roaster testing video: https://youtu.be/rHkMcSgax80

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