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    It depends on the required production output and frequency you want to cover per week initially and into the future. Another factor to consider is the footprint of the equipment verse the space you plan to locate it in. An easy way to work the batch size is to consider the average hourly output. You can usually base this on approximately 3 batches per hour back to back roasting.

    So for example with a 6kg coffee roaster, you may be able to achieve 18kg of green coffee or app 14kg of roasted coffee (weight loss is app 15%-20% from green to roasted) per hour. You should also consider how often you want to be roasting to complete your weekly production schedule. It is important to consider the time required for other business practices such as administration, sales and marketing and allocate time accordingly.

    A coffee destoner is designed to separate foreign matter from roasted coffee. Foreign matter such as sticks, stones, metal and other unwanted materials are classified as a defect in coffee and usually introduced into the coffee at the harvesting and processing level. Some of this foreign matter can be detrimental to grinding equipment and can prove costly if grinder blades need to be replaced from damage caused by a stone or piece of metal.

    Typically a destoner will sit at the end of the cooling tray of a coffee roaster and will work like a vacuum cleaner when dumping the cooled coffee by sucking up the roasted coffee at a rate slow enough, more dense and different sized objects will remain in a waste tray.

    Especially if there are impurities in your coffee beans and the roasting output is high, it is very necessary to have a destoner.

    Warranty period  is 24 months. During this period, any broken which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for us and we will provide free parts for you. Our service will last once out of warranty period and the parts will be no longer free.

    We support both online trade and offline trade. If the amount is less than 3,000USD, 100% prepayment is required. If the amount is higher than 3,000USD, 40% deposit is required.

    For shipping issue, we can do CIF term by shipping the products to your destination seaports/airports, then clients can pick up the goods at port and make customs clearance. Also we can do DDU terms by tranporting the products to you home directly.

    We have CE certificate and RoHS certificate for our products, as well as CCC and ISO9001. Before delivery, all the machines will be packed into plywood and will be marked CE and RoHS as well.


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