Factory Price 12KG Coffee Roaster Machines are Ready to Ship to Canada

In July, our company’s orders for coffee roasters continued to grow. In order to meet the continuous demand for orders, various departments of our company worked closely together, went all out to prepare for production, and continued to be busy with delivery.

The 12kg coffee roaster machine and other equipment sent to Canada this morning were loaded on trucks, delivered on time and with high quality, and sent to the customer’s site to help the customer’s project start production and earn early.

coffee roaster packing and delivery
coffee roaster packing and delivery

About our 12kg coffee roaster, the exclusive imported double-layer 316 special stainless steel roller makes the heating faster, stable heat conduction and even heating during roasting. At the same time, the unique air layer of this machine can effectively lock heat energy, reduce heat energy loss, ensure good heat accumulation of coffee roasters coffee beans during continuous roasting, and save energy, thereby greatly improving roasting efficiency.

best 12kg coffee roaster machine
best 12kg coffee roaster machine

Precision E&M pays attention to every detail of the product, everything is based on the premise of quality assurance, the production and quality inspection departments cooperate together, and strictly follow the standard procedures for production, inspection, and loading to ensure that orders can be delivered on time.

This is our latest video about How we pack our coffee roaster machine before exporting.https://youtu.be/JoGpHoGj4Tw

After that, the technicians of our company’s product center will continue to provide customers with high-quality installation and teaching services for our coffee roasters.

Thanks to all colleagues for their hard work and thanks to customers for their trust and support! Our company has always been adhering to the service concept of “everything is based on the needs of customers”. Hope to cooperate with excellent you in the near future!

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