Electric Heater 500G coffee roaster

Electric coffee roaster

Product Description of Electric 500g sample coffee roaster

The 500g electric coffee roaster is a small batch coffee roaster machine that roasts coffee beans in small batches, using electricity as fuel. 

This sample home roaster has both manual mode and automatic mode. Also our sample coffee bean roaster includes smoke filter and chaff collecting system. 

The manual mode is suitable for professional roasters and is also known as the artisan mode.The automatic roasting mode is suitable for novice roasters and home use. It includes 9 roasting profiles, covering light, medium, and dark roasts, as well as profiles for sun-dried, washed, and honey-processed coffee beans. Simply select the built-in temperature profile code, and the roasting process will be completed automatically.

Our sample roaster machine has the following features:

  • The sample coffee roaster has a stainless steel drum that can roast up to 500 grams of green coffee beans per batch. (Best roasting capacity is 350 to 400 grams per batch)
  • It shows the temperature of the beans and the roasting chamber, allowing precise control of the roasting process.
  • The electric coffee roaster has a chaff collector that collects the chaff and dust generated during roasting, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • The sample coffee roaster has a cooling tray that cools down the roasted beans quickly and evenly, preserving their flavor and aroma.
  • It has a transparent glass window that lets you observe the color change of the beans during roasting, and a sampling spoon that lets you take out some beans for tasting.
  • The coffee roaster has a simple and elegant design, and a compact and lightweight body.

This coffee roaster is suitable for home use, small cafes, and coffee enthusiasts who want to enjoy fresh and customized coffee. It is easy to operate, reliable, and affordable. Also, it is a great choice for small batch coffee roasting.

Main Specifications of Electric Heater 500G coffee roaster

Product NameElectric Heater 500G Sample Coffee Coaster
Maximum Capacity500G
Drum MaterialsStainless steel
Power1000W (10000 hours long lifespan)
Electricity Parameters220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ
Package Size565*338*362mm
Gross Weight13KG
Net Weight11KG
CertificateCE, SAA, ETL, 3C

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