Cooling phase

There are various stages to roasting coffee. The drying phase is where it all begins, and the cooling phase is where it all concludes. We will fill you in on every detail of this final roasting stage.

Coffee roasting: several phases 

The green bean that you place in the coffee roaster goes through a number of steps before coming out of the roaster nicely brown. Drying, browning, roasting, and cooling are the four stages that can be easily distinguished from one another. Where we are talking about today is the last one.

The cooling phase 

The cooling step comes after all the phases we listed before. The beans are already roasted and dark in color at this time. This stage is crucial because you must halt the roasting procedure once it is complete. If you don’t do this, the quality of the beans and ultimately the coffee may suffer. Simply release the beans and let them fall into the cooling sieve to complete this process. The procedure truly kicks off at that point! Within 4 to 5 minutes, the beans must cool. By doing this, the roasting step can be completed as rapidly as possible.

Yirgacheffe coffee beans
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