Coffee terms: Stale coffee

Have you ever heard of old coffee? It might be mistaken for stale coffee. But aged coffee differs from stale coffee in that it can really be extremely good for the taste.

Stale coffee

The chemical process known as oxidation is the reason why coffee goes bad. Stale coffee can be compared to iron which has been exposed to oxygen for too long and has become rusty. The same thing occurs when coffee starts to taste stale. Due to excessive air exposure, the flavor of the roasted beans changes. Of course, there are other environmental factors besides oxygen that might affect the flavor of coffee. Heat or wetness are two examples.

Fresh coffee

The external factors that can impact the flavor of the coffee are one of the reasons why roasters vacuum-seal their beans. Using whole beans rather than beans that have already been crushed up can help maintain the freshness and flavor of the beans. Coffee staleness is accelerated by ground beans, which should be brewed as soon as feasible. If you want to enjoy fresh coffee at home, you can buy coffee roaster that suits your needs and preferences. There are many types of coffee roasters available in our website, such as 500 g electric coffee roaster, mini coffee roaster, or top coffee roasters.

Taste of stale coffee

Stale coffee tastes exactly like coffee, while good coffee has a distinct flavor all its own. The sweetness, fruity undertones, chocolate flavor, and other flavors may all be tasted in good coffee, though. The flavor and aroma of coffee that is properly packaged and has not yet been ground is retained better.

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