coffee roaster machine OEM factory in China

coffee roaster machine OEM factory in China

Coffee roaster machines normally have electric type and gas type. We produce 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg up to 60kg coffee roasters. Our coffee roasters are good for home and shop using. With Artisan software, you can record the temperature curve while roasting.

The features of our coffee roasters as following:

  1. NSK bearings
  2. ADDKA Stepless speed regulating motors
  3. 310# double-layer Stainless steel
  4. OMRON Temperature controlling system(0-300℃/572℉ temperature scope)
  5. Taiwan cast Iron iron burner for gas type
  6. Free tempeature data logger with Artisan software
  7. Logo and colors customization
  8. CE/QS certificate

Here is our Youtube Channel for your reference,

Now we are prmotion before 2018-9-30. Below are some photos of our coffee roaster, which were shipped out last week.

coffee roaster UK




















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