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Coffee fermentation

The fermentation of coffee is a topic with a lot to say. Therefore, we will discuss all the information you need to know as well as the various fermentation techniques.

Coffee Fermentation

A coffee cherry, with the beans nestled in the core, is where a coffee bean begins its journey. The pulp is mechanically removed from the berry after it has been plucked, leaving only the bean. One component, known as the mucilage, a pectin-based mucous layer, is still present around the bean. The removal of this layer and the promotion of chemical changes within the coffee beans are the two final goals of fermentation.


To separate the ripe from the unripe berries, the gathered berries are first soaked. Due to their reduced density, unripe berries typically float whereas ripe berries will sink to the bottom. The coffee berries’ pulp is then removed from them using a depulper. The freshly depulped beans are then delivered into the fermentation tanks by water conduits, where the fermentation process takes place.


We begin the Honey procedure by removing the coffee cherry’s pulp. A small portion of this pulp is, however, left behind when it is dried; we refer to this as the Honey. The distinctive flavor characteristic of the coffee bean is eventually provided by the honey. For 18 to 25 days, the honey ferments on the bean. This approach has a benefit over the dry method in that it involves less spoiling because the pulp has been largely removed.


The first distinction between the dry method and other approaches is that with it, the coffee cherries do not first pass through a depulping machine. The coffee cherries are then thoroughly dried. As a result, there is a greater taste transmission from the pulp to the bean. After drying, it is also simpler to separate the cherry from the bean.

dry processing
dry processing
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