Coffee body

While you can appreciate the flavor of your coffee, you can also describe it precisely. The body of the coffee is one of the things you might consider. We’ll fill you in on every detail.

Instead of merely drinking your brewed coffee, you may evaluate it based on a number of factors. You could rate the body, sweetness, acidity, cleanliness, etc. The one we talk about today is the last one.

What does the coffee body mean? 

Your coffee’s body is difficult to describe. The mouth-feel of various beans and roasts might differ. Consider this: Is the flavor mild, heavy, or watery? All of this speaks to the coffee’s body. The descriptions frequently touch on the weight or texture of the coffee.

Numerous effects and elements are present in the body. The degree of roast, the brew ratio, and the brew technique are frequently what influence the flavor of coffee.

Different types of body 

You can distinguish between many sorts. The words light, medium, and full-body are frequently used. For instance, a fuller one tastes rather heavy whereas a light one has a thinner consistency.

Yirgacheffe coffee beans
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