Best Price 3KG Coffee Bean Roasters for Coffee Shop

The small batch 1kg, 2kg, and 3kg coffee roasters are the hot-selling products of our company. Today let’s introduce the 3kg coffee roaster


Batch Capacity: 200-3500g/ batch(14kg/h)

Roasting Time: 12-15 minutes/drum(after preheating at 180℃)

Heating Type: Complete Electric/LPG gas(propane)/Natural Gas

Power Type: AC 220-240V 50-60HZ

Hot Sale 3KG coffee roaster
Hot Sale 3KG coffee roaster

Main Features:

  1. NSK bearings.
  2. 4 independent ADDKA motors for drum, exhaust, cooling mixer, and cooling fan. Roasting and cooling at the same time.
  3. 316# stainless steel double drums. The inner and outer drums are evenly heated.
  4. OMRON temperature controlling system(0-300℃/572℉ temperature scope)
  5. Taiwan cast iron burner for gas type.
  6. 30mm insulation material, ceramic fiber for heat resistance with minimal heat loss.
  7. Special design for easy maintenance.
  8. Easy airflow control, flame control, and drum speed control.
  9. Suitable for Artisan and Cropster.
  10. Logo and color customization.

PID Control Panel and OMRON Temperature Control System

Using the OMRON temperature controller, the temperature display is accurate, the quality is reliable, and the timing is accurate. LED waterproof luminous button, beautiful and easy to operate.


Sight Glass

With explosion-proof glass design and high-temperature resistance, you can observe the roasting condition of coffee beans at any time.

sight glass
sight glass

Large Cooling Tray

The oversized cooling tray with an independent cooling fan ensures that the freshly brewed coffee beans are quickly brought to room temperature within 2 minutes, ensuring the flavor of the coffee beans.

Hot Air Adjust

You can control airflow with the precise airflow control knob. You can also choose Air Pressure Gauge for options. The AIRFLOW METER, allows you to monitor exact airflow levels, as real airflow (pressure) can change based on the amount of buildup within your exhaust system, the length of or changes to your exhaust tubing, and more.

Drum Speed Control (ADDKA Japan imported motor)

You can try roasting different flavors of coffee at different drum speeds.


About delivery, to the USA market, we can provide door-to-door shipping service. Direct ship the roaster to your door with everything and every fee included.

Here is a video of our 3KG Coffee Roaster for your reference:

If you want to learn more information, please feel free to contact us.

Tel/WhatsApp: +86 156 3926 8963


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