Automatic Feeding Machine

Automatic Feeding Machine

Product description

The Automatic Feeding Machine is a device that can automatically feed coffee beans to coffee roaster machines. It can feed the green coffee beans from the tank to the coffee roaster according to the desired amount and speed.

The Automatic Feeding Machine has the following features:

  • Steel tank with a smooth surface and good performance.
  • The Automatic Feeding Machine has a low noise blower and a high temperature resistance blower. It also has a side glass for inspection and an easy opening that is suitable for all mechanical arms.
  • Stainless hopper that is not easy to rust and has a smooth appearance.
  • Controller that uses a microcomputer operation control program. It has overload and shortage warning functions.
  • Electricity meter that is high quality and reliable.
  • The Power system is highly stable and highly effective.
  • High-pressure fan that is easy to maintain and powerful.
  • Independent filter that is easy to clean and more durable.

The Automatic Feeding Machine can improve the efficiency and quality of the production process by eliminating manual labor and saving time. It can handle different types of materials.

One of the applications of the Automatic Feeding Machine is to work with coffee roasters. There are different types of coffee roasters, such as electric, and gas coffee roasters. Some of them are commercial coffee roaster machines, which can roast large batches of coffee beans for wholesale or retail purposes.

Main Specifications of Automatic Feeding Machine:

Product name: microcomputer automatic quantitative air lift machine

Model :TSL-100

Parameter: 220V50/60HZ 1.1 kW

Lifting height: 4.5 meters max,can adjust by require

Installation method: The device is equipped with a connecting hose. Connect the hose at one end of the feeding port to the target position that needs to be lifted and the other end of the hoseInsert directly into the material or container to be lifted. Through the controller setting and debugging, the equipment runs automatically.

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