8oz home Gene coffee roaster hot air type (600USD)

8oz home Gene coffee roaster hot air type Contact us for purchasing

Gene coffee roaster is the best choice for home use model. The output of it is 8oz(around 250g) per batch.

If you’re quite serious about roasting at home, the Gene cafe Roaster provides a professional-quality experience. In addition, this roaster is adequate for smaller coffee shops. The Gene coffee Roaster uses indirect hot air roasting technology, and offers full temperature control to produce the desired roast. The roasting cycle takes approximately 15 minutes. A large quantity of coffee can be roasted in a relatively short time.

The Cafe Roaster handles a full 8oz coffee beans in a single roasting session. The glass roast chamber sits off-axis. It allows for maximum visibility during the roast cycle to choose the desired roasting level. The chaff collector is highly efficient and effective. In addition, a vent access port enables the attachment of ductwork to limit smoke in your home or business during roasting.

This is a high-quality, easy-to-use roaster; if you are committed to roasting all of your coffee at home, it’s an excellent choice.

Why Gene coffee roaster? (Contact us for purchasing

Simple – it is probably the best choice for home use model.  You won’t compare it with those professional drum roasters, as the design and materials used are different.  But it is good enough for roasting good coffee for a batch size around 200 grams each time.

There are many experienced users talking about Gene coffee roaster on various forums.  Here is just a quick reference. 

  1. Preheat the roaster to 245°C.  
  2. After beans are loaded, start roasting at around 217 – 225°C.
  3. When the beans changes to yellow (around 5 mins after beans are loaded), increase the temperature to 250°C.
  4. Once first crack happens, lower the temperature to around 235 °C until your desired roasting level, i.e., light, medium…
  5. Since I don’t drink dark roast, I force stop the machine usually before 1st crack ends and remove the beans from the drum, then cool them quickly on a large strainer.

Of course, this is just some general guideline, and the temperature setting may vary from beans to beans.   Also, since the temperature indicated on this machine is the temperature of the drum, it is not possible to measure the beans’ temperature so that ROR (Rate of Rise) cannot be measured.

But once you get to know the machine more, you may try to adjust the temperature during the roasting, but observation of the change in bean color and size is also very important.  The drum is transparent so that you can see the changes during roasting.

Please Watch the video of Gene cafe roaster here: https://youtu.be/-53eTirDdLo

Specification of it as following: Contact us for purchasing

*Name: Gene Cafe
*Model name: CBR-101
*Dimension:384x243x229m/m(except chaff collector)
*Net weighjt:5.5kgs
*Drum(Roasting chamber):
1)Off-Axis rotation of glass tube chamber(Pyrex)
2)Capacity: Max.300g(10.6oz) of green bean
*Programmed temperature: 0 ~ 250 C(0 ~ 482 F)
*Roasting process: Off-axis rotation roasting.
Ref. Electric elements of heating coil:1.3Kw
*LED Display panel:
1) Time control:0~30 min.
2) Temperature control:0~250C/0~482F
3) Cooling control:9min. To reach at 60C(140F),
7min to reach at 100C(212F) and “Emergency Mode” to stop suddenly.
*Power source:100 ~ 240V available
1) Export Standard Packing including the foam filled materials.
2) 20’Container:380units
3) 40’Container:750units

Now we have different models from 300g, 500g/batch, 1kg/batch, 2kg/batch, 3kg/batch, 6kg/batch, 12kg/batch, 15kg/batch till 60kg/batch. The new model goes back to basics, making PRECISION quality more access.





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