Gas Burner 100g Coffee Roaster


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Discover the joy of roasting your own coffee beans with the gas burner 100g coffee roaster machine.
This home coffee roaster is portable and lightweight, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether you want to try a sample coffee roaster or a small batch coffee roaster, this device can handle it all.
It’s ideal for beginners and experienced roasters alike, as it offers easy control over the fire and airflow settings. You can adjust them to suit your preferences and create different roasting profiles.
The coffee machine roaster also features a safe and durable design, with a drum motor that has a safety coupling and a stainless steel construction. With the gas burner 100g coffee roaster, you can enjoy the best coffee roasters coffee anytime, anywhere.

VP-100g best gas coffee roaster for sample roasting :

Model name VP-100g
Drum material Solid 2mm Stainless Steel 304
Dimensions 344 x 313 x 362 mm
Power/Voltage 220V/50Hz/35W
Drum capacity 100~120 grams
Drum speed 50 rpm
Gas connector 3/8 inch
Gas type LPG
Color options red, yellow, blue, green, black, silver
*Power source100 ~ 240V available
*Packing Export Standard Packing including the foam filled materials.

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